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I did NOT write ANY of these TextFiles.
They are for Educational use ONLY!!!!! Do NOT, I repeat,
do NOT try to use any of these methods, tricks, or skills
for they are ILLEGAL!!! And I do NOT take
any responsablity for the use or misuse thereof. And if you
are wild enough to try this stuff....You are responsible for your
own actions.

Ladies and Gentleman...You have now been warned.....

Hacking Textfiles

The Hacker's Handbook
The name saids it all..A must have 4 any1

Hacking Unix
A very good tutoral on Hacking Unix

Hacking 101
a Beginners guide 2 Hacking....VERY GOOD!!! GET IT!!

PC Hacking FAQ
A Big FAQ on PC Hacking... It covers ALOT!

Basics of Hacking
Basic stuff on Hacking

2600 FAQ for Hacking
VERY VERY B*I*G FAQ on Hacking covers EVERYTHING!!!!

Newbies guide to Hacking
Pretty kool.

Ethics of Hacking
Every Hacker should have this Text

Unix Passwords
How to crack Unix Passwords

Hacking IRC
A guide 2 Hacking IRC's

Basic Networks
The Basics of Networks and stuff


How to Crack
Lota TEXT PHiles about Computer Cracking...A MUST HAVE!!!


The Phreaker's Manual
1 of the BEST Textfiles I've ever SEEN!!! MUST HAVE!!!

Box Plans
Box Plans 4 OVER 20 BOXES!!! GET THIS!!

Conference Calling
Info on Conference Calls

Cordless Phones
Phreaking CordlessFones

Hacking Answering Machines
How 2 Hack Machines...(@ the beep, pleas...BOOOOOM!)

How to make a RedBox w/ a Hallmark Card
Make yourself a small little RedBox from a Card...It only cost like $9.00 2 make!

Note: Some files (above) have been linked to you from Silicon Toad, and his Homepage. He did NOT write ANY of these files. And therefor, takes NO responsibility for the use of these files. You ARE responsible for your own actions.